About the Farm

The Quite Contrary Garden is an urban flower farm and veggie patch located in Kansas City, Missouri. We specialize in local, seasonal cut flowers, vegetables, and herbs grown without pesticides or herbicides. We sell our products through veggie & flower CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions as well as at local farmers' markets.

We believe that in a time when Missouri's family farms are being replaced by foreign corporations' feedlots, when it's cheaper to buy Cheetos than tomatoes, when most flowers in the US are shipped in from South America--at great expense to the growers, the environment, and America's farmers--then it is a radical act to grow natural, healthy food and flowers in our own backyard. We love that our mission is contrary to Big Agriculture. Hence, The Quite Contrary Garden.


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Meet the Team


Owner, Farmer & Head Contrarian

After years of hearing, "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?" Mary decided to embrace the nursery rhyme and become a flower (and vegetable) farmer. She is passionate about fresh food access, local agriculture, and weird heirloom varietals.

Lee Anne

Resident Green Thumb

Lee Anne serves in an advisory capacity as our Resident Green Thumb, due to her reputation for reviving even the most hopeless of plants with a bit of water, sunshine, and patience. After working for twenty years in a local school district, she is enjoying her retirement among the flowers and fields.


Farm Dog

Which came first, the farm or the Great Pyrenees? Louis is our 90 pound puppy and farm mascot who protects our farm from squirrels and blowing leaves, rearranges the firewood, digs holes for transplanting (not necessarily in the right spot!) and--his favorite-- greets visitors.

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