CSA Membership Agreement

2020 CSA Membership Agreement

The Quite Contrary Garden

We, The Quite Contrary Garden, wish to provide you with fresh, local, seasonal food and flowers and you, the member, wish to receive a portion of our harvest. This agreement outlines our shared commitments to that relationship. By purchasing a membership share, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. Please retain a copy of this agreement for your records.

Becoming a Member of The Quite Contrary Garden

  • CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is essentially a subscription for vegetables or flowers. Members pay a deposit up front to secure their share. We farmers then use the money to buy seeds and equipment and get food and flowers growing. Then, each week, beginning in mid/late May 2020 to early/mid September 2020, we provide fresh, local vegetables and/or flowers to our farm members.


Growing Practices

  • We believe in providing fresh, seasonal, local veggies and flowers from our farm to your home. We believe people should have a relationship with their food, one that gives back to both you and the land. We believe in transparent farming practices and being open and honest about all inputs used on our farm.  We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

  • We do use compost as fertilizers, physical barriers and crop rotations as pest and disease deterrents, and only if necessary, use organically-approved sprays. We welcome any inquires about our growing practices.

Shared Risk

  • Members of our farm get the opportunity to share in the abundance of a local Kansas City farm. With that opportunity there are risks associated with our growing season. We are committed to minimizing those risks, yet risks will always remain. We promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful share each week. The quantity of produce, however, may vary from week-to-week due to extreme weather, insects, or other production factors despite our best efforts. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and our other members.

    • In the unlikely event of crop failure: If only a small portion of crops fail, we compensate for the failed crops by filling your box with other crops grown on the farm that are ready for harvest at that time. If a large portion of crops fail, we may not be able to deliver any products in some weeks. Should this happen, members will be contacted directly, as soon as possible to discuss options for remediation. However, we are unable to refund full or partial memberships as the membership fees are invested to fund the season's expenses. Please take this into consideration when joining the CSA. 

Shared Reward

  • In addition to our CSAs, The Quite Contrary Garden sells to local businesses and farmer’s markets. We do this in order to create a financially stable and sustainable farm that can offer our community the freshest food and flowers, as well as provide us farmers a livable wage. When production of our CSA crops are especially abundant, we pack as much as possible into your share. However, we don’t want to overwhelm our members or deliver so much produce that it goes to waste. When we feel that members have received enough of certain crops, we handle the surplus by selling it through the avenues described above. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us. Our CSA is our primary sales avenue so if you have any questions please ask us.

Picking Up

  • You are responsible for picking up your share each week from the pick-up location. Pick-up location and information is listed below:


The Quite Contrary Garden

5409 N. Broadway

Kansas City, Missouri 64118

Fridays from mid/late May to early/mid September


  • You are responsible for observing the pick-up site rules, which are as follows:

    1. Pick up your share within the timeframe stated.

    2. Be respectful of the pick-up location property.

    3. Follow any additional rules posted at the pick-up location site.

    4. Return last week’s box every week.

  • If you cannot pick up your share, you must arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. You are responsible for explaining the pick-up procedure to your substitute. If you can’t find someone, to ensure efficiency for our pick and pack days, please let us know 48 hours prior that you won’t be picking up your box and we will not pack it. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please contact The Quite Contrary Garden as soon as possible as we try to accommodate emergencies. Shares that are not retrieved within the designated pick-up time will be forfeited for that week.

  • You will be receiving the freshest produce available short of growing it yourself. That being said, shares will come packed unwashed for the most part. Please take the time to properly wash and store all produce each week once received.

Member Fees

  • By selling membership in advance of the growing season, CSA reduces the burden of up-front costs for the farmer. Your membership fees provide us with money to purchase seed and equipment before the season starts, and we appreciate your commitment. Below are the shares offered for the 2020 season:

  • Large Vegetable and Herb Share

    • Feeds family of 4 or 2 veggie lovers.

    • $560 ($35 per week)

  • Cut Flower Share

    • Large arrangement of a variety of local, seasonal cut flowers and greenery.

    • $400 ($25 per week)

Communicating with Us

  • The best way to communicate with us is via email or phone. You can contact us by email at or by phone at 816-225-3934. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

  • We will communicate with you by email. When you sign up, you will be added to our distribution list. Please read your emails from us. We depend on being able to communicate important information such as necessary changes to your distribution schedule or other farm related news.

By purchasing a membership share, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. A copy of this agreement will be emailed to you upon sign-up. Please retain a copy of this agreement for your records.

©2020 by The Quite Contrary Garden.